Customer Testimonials

I take pride in my work and customer satisfaction is important to me. So I’m always pleased when my customers take the time to tell others about my work. Here are some of their comments posted online:

To say the least, Jason was great.  What he promised, he delivered.  Jason came on time and was polite, courteous and professional. He explained what the issue I was having was and walked me through what he was going to do to resolve it.  He fixed my plumbing in a timely manner and cleaned up after himself.  His fee was competitive and well worth it.  Jason was first class all the way and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a plumber. Sergio V.


Jason and his team were very professional. They installed tile, shower doors and a tub in our kids bathroom. They paid close attention to details and made sure everything was perfect when they were done. I am definitely going to hire them again to remodel the tub and shower in our master bathroom. John L.


We heard about Jason through a mutual friend. Not only did we have leaking pipes out in front of our house, but one of the valves there was just about shut and sealed off water from an entire wing of our house. Jason got right on it and repaired the broken valves we had quick. He was great to work with and his prices were very fair. He even gave us a one year warranty on parts and labor.

Before meeting Jason, I called another (apparently highly Yelp rated) plumber about the problem of the water not working in part of the house, and I kept getting advice from them about checking the screens on the faucets or whatever. Jason didn’t give me this BS–he just solved our problem.

Here’s another small, local business that I can recommend to you, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Got a plumbing problem? Call Jason. Matthew D.


I had a very good experience with Jason the plumber. He solved a couple of extra problems that I had relative to plumbing for no extra charge. I strongly recommend him. Gordon G.


We had an upstairs toilet that would cause water to leak out a light fixture in our kitchen downstairs whenever the toilet was flushed. One plumber I called was concerned it would be a bigger issue and recommended I call Jason in case it was. He came out the same afternoon that I called. He did a great job repairing, was very quick and efficient, and I was impressed that the price was so reasonable. Glad to have a plumber to call on when I need one in the future! Claire K.


Needed help with shower repair. Cartridge got stuck inside and couldn’t get it out to replace. Called Jason morning, he was here within few minutes and fixed it. Shower is back to normal and working condition in no time. Highly recommend!! Arun B.


Nice guy and onetime. Did my job, new rear yard faucet added at wall. Cut ex stub out at wall and created new faucet and T FOR NEW REAR IRRIGATION SYSTEM. WOULD USE AGAIN. DEFINITELY. DID JOB BACK IN LATE 2012. Check out now for past 2013 work. Rick F.

Bradbury, California

Jason is the most honest and trustworthy plumber I’ve ever had the pleasure meeting. He will try his best to save you money. If i could refer him to anyone, I hands down would. He is a one man show. But trust me when I tell you he wont disappoint. He will not give up on a job. What i thought would be a simple replacement of shower fixtures ended up taking quiet a bit of time, my new home I purchased had old corroted fixtures. When Jason tried removing them, the fixtures just started to brake into pieces. Jason took the time to get everything out and make sure everything was done right. He never made a fuss of all the work, I had set in front of him. GREAT GREAT PLUMBER!!!! Jessica S.


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